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Welcome to the Kentucky Crisis Intervention Team Web Site

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Who We Are

Crisis Intervention Teams or “CIT” Programs help people with mental illness cope and maintain recovery. CIT helps sustain more effective interactions among law enforcement, mental health care providers, individuals with mental illness, their families and communities and reduce the stigma of mental illness. CIT works to accomplish this purpose by raising public and stakeholder awareness through education and outreach, complying with recommended standards for developing, implementing and sustaining crisis intervention team programs, and by providing assistance to communities interested in developing CIT programs. Long after the CIT training program has been completed, the Kentucky CIT Program maintains contact with local law enforcement, mental health professionals and advocates by establishing and remaining an active partner in the local community on the CIT Advisory Committee. You are encouraged to be a part of the CIT Program in your Community.

Contact Information

Lt Denise Spratt, Ret.
Louisville Metro Police
Kentucky CIT Program Director
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Want to Contact Us?

If you are interested in speaking to us about your agency and CIT :
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If You Need Are in Need of Help

If you are NOT a member of law enforcement but are looking for help coping with mental illness, click on the link below to find information for your local Community Crisis Center

Community Crisis Lines

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