Other Assistance

Looking for Assistance But Not Law Enforcement?

If you are NOT a member of law enforcement but are looking for help coping with mental illness, please use the resources on this page to find information about your local Community Crisis resources.

For information about mental health, developmental and intellectual disabilities, or substance abuse services, contact the local office of your Regional MHID Board. For contact information for the office for your county, please follow the link below:


Kentucky Mental Health Regions

Publicly-funded community services are provided for Kentuckians who have problems with mental health, developmental and intellectual disabilities, or substance abuse, through Kentucky's 14 regional Boards for Mental Health or Individuals With an Intellectual Disability (Regional MHID Boards). Regional MHID Boards are private, nonprofit organizations established by KRS Chapter 210 (see Related Links) which serve residents of a designated multi-county region.

Community Crisis Lines

01Four Rivers800-592-3980http://4rbh.org
02Pennyroyal Center877-473-7766http://www.pennyroyalcenter.org
03River Valley Behavioral Health800-433-7291http://www.rvbh.com
04Lifeskills, Inc.800-223-8913http://www.lifeskills.com
05Communicare, Inc800-641-4673http://www.communicare.org
06Seven Counties Services, Inc800-221-0446http://www.sevencounties.org
08Comprehend, Inc.877-852-1523http://comprehendinc.org
09Pathways, Inc.800-562-8909http://www.pathways-ky.org
10Pathways, Inc.800-562-8909http://www.pathways-ky.org
11Mountain Comprehensive Care Center800-422-1060http://www.mtcomp.org
12Kentucky River Community Care, Inc.800-262-7491http://www.krccnet.com
13Cumberland River606-864-2104http://www.crccc.net